Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Vewwy Intewwesting...
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Not that anyone really cares, but Kerry is a Skull & Bones man. So is Dubya and Big Daddy Bush. Apparently, they are everywhere in public offices and are CEO's of corporations. Conspiracy, conspiracy.

Does anyone realize it's probably because they went to an Ivy League college (Yale) and are part of the "Good Ol' Boys" network? Sorry, I'm not impressed with a skeletal society that take turns dancing around bones with candles or something. Whateva. There's also rumors of praise to the Eulogia, the goddess of eloquence, and steal items to lay at her alter. Woooooo. Scarey. Here's a site. Don't know how reliable. Here's another... This guy is really conspiracy minded. And then there is Alexandria Robbins, who was a Skull and blew the cover off of it with a new book. Yes, they let women in, now.

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