Monday, June 21, 2004

Holy Schnickies, Batman!

I can’t believe it. Toni’s letter made it in the Salt Lake Tribune on Thursday, mine today. Poor little Jim Timmel. He didn’t know what hit him.

Well, I guess it’s official. If anyone in the state of Utah didn’t know I was gay, they certainly do now. I am not sure how I feel about that. Scary and liberating.

This weekend was great… tiring, but great. Friday Night after work, we ran errands and fell into bed at about 11:00pm. Sarah had her friend Jessica spend the night, and we had a ball with the girls. We also got our old living room set removed for the yard sale, and our new couch placed. I love our new couch! It’s a beautiful (and comfortable) green couch with recliners at both ends and a middle top cushion that folds down for cups holders and a small table! Plus, we were able to place my Godfather’s Lazy Boy in our living room. I always feel better when that piece of furniture is near me.

Lindi was up bright and early at 5 on Saturday, dragged my ass outta bed at 5:30, and we headed over to Lindi’s Mom’s house to begin setting up for the yard sale. I was completely exhausted, but we all got though the hot sun, 30 second micro-showers and ended up very pleased. Lindi’s parents made about $300, Lindi’s brother made about $150 and our little family came in at $296. Plus, we have TONS of clothes and other items for the Sioux Tribe donation van going to South Dakota this week, and even more things for the MS Society to pick up on Thursday. By then end of the day, we were delirious, but we enjoyed pizza and my freshly made salsa with Lindi’s dad for Father’s Day, then went home, grumpy and tired.

Poor Lindi had to work Sunday morning, so I tried to keep her calm and comfortable through the night. She left for work at 4:30am, and I got to sleep in a bit before going to her restaurant, having brunch, then off shopping for Denise’s and Ray’s birthday. I made then their own little Movie Packs, complete with two DVD’s popcorn, cookies and soda. I took large paper sacks from the grocery store and slit the sides, rolled the sides down and decorated them. Denise’s Double Feature included Monster and Eye of the Beholder, Light Buttered Popcorn, Diet Pepsi and Snackwells Lemon sandwich and Devil’s Food cookies. Ray’s Action Pack included Kill Bill Vol I, GI Jane, Movie Theatre Butter Popcorn, Wild Cherry Pepsi, Belgian Chocolate chip and Fudge-covered wafer cookies. They LOVED their presents, and I am glad.

My Daddy loved his entire family being there for Father’s Day and we enjoyed roasted chicken, salad, lasagna, greek cheese, bread and olives – whatever you wanted was there for the munching! He especially enjoyed the new gas grill and stand up cooler he got from his family! We had a great time.

I had a migraine that started right before we left for my parents at 3, and when we got there, it had taken over the entire right side of my face. My mom went into action and stuck an ice pack on the back of my neck and I took some Tylenol and a muscle relaxer, and picked at a bit of food. When I couldn’t stand the pain from the ice pack any longer, I took it off and within 10 minutes, any trace of my headache was gone. It was amazing. I need to start using ice more when I get headaches. I think the combination of all the running around and heat and lack of sleep finally caught up with me.

Last night, we lounged in our lovely living room and watched the Silence of the Lambs and enjoyed popcorn and other treats. We had a good time. It was the first time Sarah had seen it, so we were explaining a lot of things, and that made it even more interesting.

I bought Lindi a copy of the DVD Monster for her birthday and had to try and sneak it in the house on Friday, which didn’t work too well. I ended up giving it to her earlier and we watched a bit of it on Friday night. I hope we get to finish watching it tonight after work.

Work is going okay, although I really wish people would just do their work and quit worrying about what it going on with everyone else in the world. I’ll keep you posted on that.

And the Gay Pride page is still coming along, but I have a bit to go. Be patient! It’s coming!


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