Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I Don't Usually Do This...

So please bear with me. Ro is a single parent of 3 children, and a survivor of domestic abuse. She escaped the hell of a marriage with a few clothes, toys, and her 3 children to start a new life for herself. After all of that, she was just laid off from her job.

She's applied for Government assistance in the meantime, but thanks to the bureaucracy that plagues our administration, help is a mere 4 - 8 weeks away.

She has gone to the Food Bank. She has gone to Red Cross. She's at her end.

In this world, there are few things we can do that make a difference to people, especially people we don't know. A cup of coffee for a homeless person in line behind us with only a few dimes to his name, a donation to the homeless shelter or Domestic Abuse Sanctuary, saving the life of an abandoned animal.

If you find it in your heart to help this lovely woman, please do so. Let your spirit of love and compassion overrule your edgy skepticism of today's modern world.

You will be rewarded ten-fold in ways you can never imagine.


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