Wednesday, July 21, 2004

A Letter From Our Soldier Boy

Things here are going well. A few shots and a lot of training. My day starts around 04:45 and ends about 22:00. Today we had short range marksmanship. It was a lot of fun other than it was about 102 out.

This place is a good place to get in shape, we do PT almost every day and the rest of the time you just sweat in your armor, its like an oven.

Thank you for putting me on you blog. I'm not sure what a blog is. [Your friend] sent me a letter the other day and I sent her one back, She seems really cool.

Well this is short but its 22:30 and I should get some sleep. I will send you another E-mail or letter when I can. If you get a chance write me a letter, real mail is so much better than E-mail.

Scott Grant SSG 8841
HHS 1/148, 116 BCT
BLDG 2444 Cassidy Rd.
Ft Bliss, TX 79916

Take care,

Be sure to drop him a line or a funny card - tell him Connie sent ya!

This weekend was a handful. Saturday was Minni's first vet appointment, and she got a good bill of health and her first shots. She had to be out in the same carrier as Mister, as she didn't like being alone. Afterward, we trekked over to the Newsome/Hunter household for a visit. Their home is simply lovely and it was great to see Al again and to meet Betty and Melvin. Now Betty is my kind of girl!

Sunday, we went to Home Depot and picked up some Behr Ultra White paint and painted the upstairs bathroom. Can I just say that Behr paint is the best? One coat = done. Our bathroom is so bright and beautiful - so clean looking. We did a test swatch with the sand color I am using to sponge and it will look wonderful.

My little adventures during the weekend did a number on my back, so I ended up in bed in a Lortab induced coma on Monday. I have an appointment with my new doctor today, so hopefully she can refer me to a good ortho and possibly have surgery. I know, I am considering surgery. Pray for me!

This Friday, my friend April is coming over to help me paint the downstairs bathroom (Sarah's bathroom) in white, and then I am sponging one wall and the trim in SpongeBob Yellow. I love my daughter. Then on Sunday Lindsay and Jeff are coming over to help put in the new flooring in both bathrooms.

Next project: Our bedroom. We are doing it in rich reds and deep purples accented in gold and black. We want our room modern, sexy and romantic. ROOOOOAAWRRRRR!!


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