Monday, July 12, 2004

Lindi's Birthday Party

Lindi's Surprise Birthday Party...

Was a complete blast. I couldn't blog about it before, to keep the secret, but I had told Lindi that I was planning a nice, romantic, candlelit birthday dinner for the two of us. Well, for us and 50 of our closest friends!

I had been planning this party for the last 2 months. We had sandwich trays, veggies, fresh cantaloupe and pineapple, potato, pasta and green salad and all the trimmings for a wonderful outdoor party... including 4 cases of beer. We ended up counting about 46 people who came, ate, drank and celebrated my honey's 35th birthday.

She was very surprised when she got off work and came home to the yard decorated in Steelers colors and people wearing their jersey's and t-shirts. We started the festivities at 3:30, and some people were still there at 1 am. Even my father came, and was hit on by one of my coworkers, Lindsay. Let's just say Lindsay had a little too much to drink... yes, we even formed a band... it's an all girl band playing nothing but Southern Rock - no changing of the pronouns... I am the drummer, Lindsay is the base player, April is the vocalist and we are named Cooter Pie.

There was a lot of us who were very, very drunk. And Lindi had a horrendous hangover.

I will post pictures here later today. Oh, yes, there is the gratuitous boob shot and even two straight girls kissing. Lordie, we know how to PAR-TAY! It was great to have Lorene, Dylan, Dee and Jennifer there to celebrate. Lorene and Dylan also got the added bonus of adopting Al the Siamese that I rescued from the same house we got Minni from... at least after Dylan moved the couch and Lorene talked him out.

I am pleased with how it all worked out. Jennifer, Krysta, Teinamarrie and all my friends who helped out were simply wonderful. I couldn't have done it without them!

I am at work, it's lunchtime, and I have a Crown Burger and fries. And a huge Diet Coke. I am a happy, happy girl. Those Greeks sure know how to make a pastrami burger!


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