Friday, July 02, 2004

File This under WTF?!

File THIS under WTF?

Muslims Flock to See Messiah After Web Hoax
Thu Jun 24,11:20 AM ET

BERLIN (Reuters) - Hundreds of Muslims flocked to a German hospital where an Internet site said the Messiah was being breast-fed by its resurrected mother, a hospital spokesman said Thursday.

Spokesman Burkhard Buescher said large groups of women with children were among those who had traveled across Germany and from the nearby Netherlands in the last two weeks asking porters at the Essen university clinic to let them visit the "Messiah."

"The story ended up being that there was a woman in the clinic who had given birth to the Messiah and who had died. She was later dug up and was still alive but her whole body was burned -- just her two breasts were unharmed," said Buescher.

"Allah ordered the woman to feed the child for 40 days and then die again. This crazy story was seen by people on a Turkish Internet site," he said.

On the Internet portal, chatterers discussed the story and one contributor claimed to have seen the woman.

Hospital guards had told visitors there was no such woman in the maternity clinic, and the number of visitors had dwindled since German media reported the story was an Internet hoax, Buescher said.

"But some people just wanted to believe it."

On a lighter note, I am all moved into my new office. I hate it. Back to the door, very cold, and sharing it with a boy. Who smells funny. And makes noises. Weird, odd noises. And talks to himself.

I am definately getting headphones.

CONGRATULATIONS to Dylan and Lorene on their new home. It is official, papers signed, and moving to begin! YAHOO!!!

And Congratulations to... well... ME, as we hit our DOUBLE High Goal this month and will be receiving a $300 bonus on our next paycheck. We rock the house.

HAPPY FOURTH! Go light some illegal fireworks and drink lots of beer. You know you want to.


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