Monday, June 21, 2004

Christ Almighty...

You would think I am a freakin' serial killer.

I called my mother to prepare her for the fact that my letter was in the paper. Yesterday, we were talking about the Gay Marriage issue, and she seemed to be waffling a bit about it, and I thought she oughta know that her daughter's name is now in the paper, highly associated with it. The conversation went something like this:

"Mom, the Trib printed one of my letters to the editor today."

"Oh, that's great honey, what was it about?"

"What do you think?"




"Oh, Connie, why do you have to do this bullshit?!"

I wasn't aware that laws being passed that impede on my rights and standing up for myself was bullshit.

The conversation just went bad from there. Why didn't I take my name off the letter? Why did I have to drag my family's name into it? Don't I know what that's going to do to my family - having to defend me and what I do.

I made it very clear: My parents never raised me to back down from a fight. Not now, not ever. Stand up, vote, fight for what you believe, never let the bastards get you down. A letter to the editor without my name is a letter that should not be sent. I put my name to my work.

If anything, I brought honor to my family name by standing up for injustice - injustice that directly effects a member of this family.

I didn't sign my family name to the letter. I signed mine. If anyone has an issue with it, take it up with me. I will defend myself to my family, my grandfather, uncle - whoever - because that is who I am. If they truly love me, it won't matter.

I didn't kill someone. I wrote a letter. I wrote it with the intention of education and putting a face with an issue that is going to effect a great many other gays and lesbians in this state. I walk the walk and talk the talk. I will not be put back into the closet by anyone.

My friends at work tell me that what I did was brave, and they are proud of me. Lindi is infinately proud of me and loves that I am fighting for our family. My sister, love unconditional, I am sure has no issues with the fact that I am out and proud and will take on city hall.

I proudly signed my name. And I would again. Nothing will change that.


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