Thursday, July 01, 2004

Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday

Well, year end and month end are over, so I finally get to relax - and move to an office. It will be nice to have some more quiet time, but I am going to miss all my coworkers who have become my friends. I guess that is what break time is all about.

Monday night, I went shopping at Kmart and picked up a tub of kitty litter - 35 lbs - and paid for it the next day. I should learn not to lift anything heavier than 10 lbs for the time being. Monday night, we had the neighbors over for dinner, and I let her open 2 of her birthday presents, both I found and purchased off of Ebay. The first is an athentically signed photo of Janet Jackson, the second is a hard to find copy of The Jazz Singer on DVD. Both of them came in the mail on Monday, and they were in exquisite condition. I framed Janet and wrapped the DVD. The DVD was released in 1999, and hasn't been rereleased and is very hard to find. Plus, it is her all time favorite movie. She LOVED both of her presents, especially Janet. Don't worry, she will have presents to open on her official birthday.

HAPPY for Lorene and Dylan and their new home. I love you two and hope your home is filled with the love, laughter and peace that you dream of.

Our plans for this weekend are simple: I am sleeping and Sarah is babysitting, and the whole family is going to see the Stingers game and fireworks on Sunday night. It will be a blast, I am sure.

Lindi also had her month end, plus her computer issues, so Tuesday night, she worked until 3 am, came home and slept until 10, then went back to work until 5. This morning, she had to be up at 3am to finish month end and open the store. Poor sweetheart. I love how dedicated she is to her work. I am so proud of her.

Speaking of my sweetheart, in 9 days, we will have been together for 2 years. I can't remember what my life was like before her. Now, that's not entirely true, I remember what it was like, and because I can, I know how so blessed I am to have her a part of it.

Drink of the day: Diet Coke and White Cheddar Popcorn
CD on the Playa: Josh Groban self titled


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