Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Soldier Boy

Soldier Boy

How appropriate on the Saturday before Independence Day, my dearest friend Scott Grant heads off to Iraq. I am filled with emotions and fear, but extreme pride of his unrelenting devotion to our country, even in a war which is still quite questionable. Serving in Kuwait, and now Iraq, he is one of the many brave service personnel that deserves vast amounts of respect.

If you would like to drop him a line, a care package, or anything before he ships overseas, you can reach him at the following address:

Scott Grant SSG 8841
HHS 1/148, 116 BCT
BLDG 2444 Cassidy Rd.
Ft Bliss, TX 79916

Or you can email him Here!

Safety, Strength and God Speed, my friend.

Our weekend was pretty great. Lindi was able to have a 3-day weekend with us, so we had Jessie on Friday night, then Sarah had an overnight babysitting job Saturday night. Sunday we went to the Stinger's game and stayed for beautiful fireworks and Monday was relaxing, picking up a couple more cats to adopt out and a BBQ at Lindi's parents house. All in all, a pretty good weekend!

Hope your week goes by fast and we can get to the WEEKEND!! Can't wait for Lindi's birthday on Saturday. She's going to love her present!

Drink of the day: Cafe Vanilla
CD on the Playa: Britney Spears In The Zone


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