Friday, July 16, 2004

This Nimrod Pisses me Off...

And so goes another letter to the editor:

In response to David Earl Richardson, I would happily remind him that not all couples marry to have children. In addition, his response negates the work of the myriad of single parent families, regardless of their sexual orientation or circumstance.
Mr. Richardson, not all lesbians aspire to be masculine, and not all gay men aspire to be feminine. Such stereotypes are insulting and demeaning to the gay and lesbian community. Unfortunately, it also shows your ignorance on the subject.
I would further challenge you, Mr. Richardson, to cite your sources that prove that gay children come from gay parents. My parents aren’t gay, and my daughter isn’t gay, either. Maybe in a gay household, children are allowed to be who they truly are and aren’t forced to suppress their feelings due to the righteous indignation of their heterosexual parents.
My daughter is a honor roll student, involved in extra curricular activities at school and is a devout Christian. She plans on going to college to become a teacher, an honorable career. I am proud of her, regardless of her orientation. And she was raised in a gay household.
In a perfect world, every child would be welcomed into a loving home, regardless of the gender of the parents,  taught right from wrong, and to love and respect one another. At least, that is what my heterosexual parents taught me and that is what I have passed onto the next generation. Bigotry and ignorance will not be among those values.
Connie Anast
Murray, Utah

I wonder if it will get published or not... hmmm...
This weekend is shaping up nicely. I will be sponge painting the bathrooms in preparation for the new vinyl flooring we are installing next weekend. Well, Jeff and Lindsay will be helping us. I'm not that butch, thank you. I am excited to see how it will look. If I like it, I will spone our bedroom in rich reds and start that process. Yeah! Our house is becoming a home!


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