Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I Got a Raise

I Got a Raise..

... a lovely raise, and a new toilet, and I'm eating sourdough pizza with chicken, tomatoes and artichoke hearts. Life is good today.

The Senate is voting on the Federal Marriage Amendment TOMORROW. I urge you to call your senators in Washington (Hatch and Bennett) and let them know you oppose this amendment. The more people who call and let our Senators know we oppose it, the better chance we have of communicating our desire not to have discrimination written into our Constitution.

Call 1-202-225-3121 and ask for your Senator by name. You will be transferred to their offices in Washington and ask for the aide helping with the Federal Marriage Amendment. (In Hatch's office, his name is Chris) Tell him who you are, where you live and why you oppose the Amendment.

The switchboard is very busy today, so keep trying. You may get a busy signal or it may continually ring. Don't let this deter you, let's let Capitol Hill know that our Constitution is not something to mess with!


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