Friday, August 13, 2004

Knock It Off, Lunchbox!

Knock It Off, Lunchbox!

There's two semi-new upgrades of programs that I just can't stand, and I don't see why everyone keeps on getting them. I mean, just because they're upgrades doesn't mean that they're better. In fact, I think that both of these actually suck more than what I've got already.

Windows XP. Let's deal with that first. I can't stand the stupid thing. The look is okay. Kinda roundy for me. But the biggest thing that pisses me off is that everytime I walk away from my machine for a while, I have to log back in. Damnit, computer, if I wanted you to log out, I would tell you! Don't do it for me! When I turn my screen back on, I want to see the desktop, not a button I have to push! Damn!

Now, for the "upgrade" on AIM, which is, for you old folk, AOL Instant Messanger. The smilies are more annoying (a feat on its own, actually), the layout is aggravating, and, most importantly, STOP TELLING ME EVERYTHING MY FRIENDS ARE DOING! If I wanted to see every action my buddies happened to commit, then I'd sit and stare at my buddy list! Stop popping up those damn messages!

I had to freakin' delete a buddy 'cause they kept coming and going!

Drink of the day: Pissy Juice
CD on the Playa: Taking Back Sunday - The Union


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