Sunday, October 31, 2004

Toga! Toga! Toga!

Halloween was WONDERFUL. Except for that pesky little migraine that permeated the entire weekend, but no matter.

Friday, my entire team dressed as Greek Goddeses. It was a blast. We didn't do too much in the way of work, but by the time the potluck rolled around, pain began shooting through my right eyeball to the point I begged off work and went home.

Saturday, Lindi and I donned our togas and laurels, dressed as Zeus and Hera, and joined the Gang at the Poors for a wonderful Halloween gathering. Just as I remarked that we seemed to be a bit tamer in our older years, drunken Dark Priestess Lorene began crawling on the floor and landed in Dark Priest Dylan's crotch, Jack-the-Ripper Jeremy began bear hugging Fart-man Rob, and all hell broke loose when "I-am-a-Whore-not-a-Prostitute" Michelle began shooting... well.. everything! And of course, lest we forget... PREGNANT TONI IN A MUUMUU!!!! I met Cassie and her husband Bud and their live-in "Charles" a/k/a Amy... and a great time was had by all. Creamsicle shots, and toasts to our troops, including a special toast to Scott with well wishes for a safe return from Iraq.

Of course, the migraine came along for the ride, but Lortab was safely on board, so it made the evening enjoyable nonetheless.

Sunday was spend with Lindi, Sunday evening with Lindi's family. We dressed up one last time as Zeus, Hera and Aphrodite for pictures, which I will post any day now. Big love out to TOGAMAN who taught me the true art of the toga. It's not about a bedsheet anymore.

Blessed Samhain, and much love and Blessings out to my Sisters and Brothers. May the God and the Goddess shine on you!


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