Monday, November 08, 2004

10 Reasons why I love my Tubby

1. She sends me Voodoo Dolls From Zombie’s Cigar Shop.
2. Well, She tries to send me voodoo dolls, but forgets to put my last name on the package, so UPS won’t pick it up and send it.
3. She calls herself a retard. How cute.
4. Oh, and a shit-head. Tee hee.
5. She sounds so sweet on the phone.
6. Especially when she tells me that she had last Friday off, didn’t brush her teeth and didn’t put on underwear and how very great that was…
7. She’s just a lovely conversationalist…
8. She’s so very articulate…
9. The part about "F**K you, I hate you, talk to you later" really got me right in the soft spot.
10. Oh, and the line about, "of course it’s cold in Utah, you have Mormons and God hates Mormons" was priceless.

*Big Sigh*

My Tubaluva is the bomb. Her sweet voice and loving ways keeps me addicted to her charms. I can’t wait to talk to her again soon.


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