Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Toni's Grandma is the Bomb!!!


She rocks the house!

She's in the Tribune today and says what everyone who has ever fought with Social Security has wanted to say for a long time.


For those of you out of State, we have a Mayoral Seat for Salt Lake County, which was recently occupied by Nancy Workman. Ms. Workman was brought up on charges based on her approving public funds to be used to create jobs without going through proper channels... it's really a long story. Anywho, she's been indicted for 2 felony counts. Yes, she's Republican.

Initially, she ran for re-election. About 3 weeks ago, she pulled out of the election citing the stress of her indictment caused her to be "disabled" and she could not longer continue. She presented a doctor's note of disability. This was given to the County Clerk's office, who initially rejected it, stating it was far too vague (go Sherrie Swensen! You rock!), taken to court, where a judge said the same thing. It was appealled and the decision of the County Clerk and the judge was overturned and Ms. Workman was officially declared disabled.

Why all the hullabaloo?

Without a disability, the Republicans could not put forth a candidate after Workman dropped out of the race. Salt Lake County is the largest County in the state. The Repugs would not have a candidate. Many people in this state vote a straight party ticket and they are counting on those GOP party line voters to get their last minute replacement, Ellis Ivory, into office. Forget the fact that the other two candidates have been in this race from the beginning or that Ivory has no qualikfications. He agreed to fund his own campaign and put for almost half a million of his private fortune to do it. Yup, he's a Gold Ol' Boy for the Grand Ol' Party.

I can't even get priority parking at work with a doctors note of physical disability under the ADA, yet this woman is disabled because of stress? Give me a break!


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