Friday, May 06, 2005

Friday Five

1. If you could be famous for 15 minutes, what would the headline read?
Lesbian Cures AIDS, Famine and Finds a Good Sperm Donor

2. Do you think fame would change you?
I think the real things about me would stay the same. I would probably go broke from donating to charity.

3. Has your name ever appeared in the newspaper? ...what for?
Yes, the usual letter to the editor, or an article about something at my college when i was in the student association. And there was this one time... at band camp...

4. Would you like to be famous for *more* than 15 minutes?
Yeah, why not? Sometimes the longer you are famous the more impact you carry.

5. If you could perform one act of Good while you were famous, what would it be?
There are too many to count. I honestly would give money to homeless shelters and rape/abuse sanctuaries and animal recue groups... I would want to do a lot of good things, and do them anonymously. I don't want credit. It's the credit seeking people that bother me. If I am going to build a building, I'm not going to slap my name on it. I would name it something that is special to the people who know me, really know me, but wouldn't be commonly associated with me. Instead of the "Jones E. Jones" building or arena or hospital, name it something like Commongood Building or Equality Hospital... It's the anonymous donations that are of the most generous.


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