Friday, May 20, 2005

Happy Family Evening

Tre' called me promptly at 5:45pm and opened the package I send her and The Wife while we were on the phone together. Her extended entry has pictures of each of the items we sent her.

It just make me happy we were able to do such a thing for such wonderful people. I learned how to crochet a hemstitch and now I love doing it... so much so, I have people placing orders for their babies to be!

The fam watched the two hour season finally of CSI and man, ldet me tell you, it was amazing. Quentin Tarantino directed this episode and it shows with the dream sequence (black and white) and some of the way the dialogue is delivered. Plus, it centered around my favorite character, Nick Stokes. Oh, yes, he is definately donor material. Lindi and I got a little bit queasy about the whole "buried alive" thing, but we made it through!

And now I am happily at work just going through the morning, putting in my time until the weekend. Hope you all have a wonderful day!



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