Monday, May 16, 2005

Wonderful Lazy Weekend

I have been dragging so much this week, I decided Saturday was my day to relax and literally do nothing. I didn't even get out of my PJ's until 4pm!

I stayed in bed most of Saturday and watched movies on my Comcast Digital Crack. I rented "The Grudge" and loved it. I can see how that one would be best watched in the theatre, though. It was very creepy and scarey and I was surprised and pleased that it wasn't gorey. I don't do well with gore, but I love to be scared! I also watched "Mississippi Burning" and "Malcolm X" again, two of my all-time favorites.

Saturday Night, Sarah spent the night with her best friend and Lindi and I had a little BBQ with our neighbors. Her grill is awesome! We retired early.

Sunday, the three of us and Lindi's mom went to see "Monster In Law" at the matinee, and then over to Lindi's Mother's for a family BBQ. I really liked the movie even though the critics didn't give it good ratings. It wasn't a masterpiece of filmmaking, but it was a "feel good" kinda thing. Plus, time spent with my family is always good time.

I finished my project for Tre's Little One and will finish the last project today or tomorrow, then off to UPS to mail it before the baby shower! If it doesn't make it in time, no worries, the baby's not due til July! If you haven't voted on the poll, do it now! I haven't received ONE email from people with their predictions for the due date, so be sure to email me after you vote for a prize from! If I don't receive an email, then I will just send a gift to the baby when it's born!


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