Thursday, May 12, 2005

Sneak Peak into My World

I bet you all wonder where I sit each and every workday. I have an office that I share with a coworker, lovingly nicknamed Sparky... Picture Napoleon Dynamite loosing his hair... that's Sparky...) we are separated by two cubie walls. It's not so bad.

I was trying out my christmas present from the U (a digital camera) and took a few shots. They are not very good, but hey, deal with it! ::smile::

This is the front view of my computer. Notice the Angelina Jolie picture on my desktop (it has now changed to Jennifer Beals) and the bamboo plant to the right. That's the bamboo plant I accidentally killed by putting it there. So far, I haven't had any bad Chinese food... I filled the planter with water and am using it to grow clippings.

In this shot, you can see my pictures, mostly of my family and wedding. There's my invitation, too. Not much has changed, except I have MORE pictures now, and they are in a standing frame where the bamboo used to be. Oh, and I added a couple of pictures of my cats... and Scott.

What's an office without plants? The one in the big gold planter is Lindi's from 2000. It's still kicking and growing. I've actually had to trim it, the thing was out of control. The plant to the left of it is call a "Mother In Law's Tongue." I guess it never dies. The gals from my old unit gave it to me after the plant they gave me for my wedding died abruptly. In fact, this plant has actually doubled... there are two there now!

And finally, my water jug (filled with Diet Coke) and my radio. Notice the Happy Bunny stickers in the back. I have a couple more of them. Yes, that is a Ghiradelli mouse pad... I use it so my drinks don't get the desk all messy. Thank God I don't have to use that inhaler anymore. Yea, that sucked ass.



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