Monday, May 09, 2005

A Wonderful Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day, as the title on this post would suggest.

Saturday Night, Lindi came home from work to find a present from me and a present from the kitties. The present from me was a sappy card and a bottle of Tylenol Rapid Release. The kitties got Lindi a small hibatchi type bbq with a bag of charcoal brickettes (she hates charcoal) as a joke. Her card said "Ask Mama Connie where your real present is, it's too heavy for us to carry." It's a Gas BBQ, two shelves, side burner, already put together and waiting for her to pick up! I don't know where the kitties get their money, but they spoiled her rotten!

Late Sunday morning, we picked up KFC and went to my mother's house. We brought her a potted flower basket and a Charm Bracelet with charms for each of her dogs! My father bought her a beautiful diamond ring, with three center heart diamonds for each of her three children. My sister gave her more jewelry - a fire topaz ring and necklace and a toe ring!

Afterward, we went to the cemetary and placed lilacs on our grandmothers' graves. We went to see Sarah's Grandmother (on her Dad's side) then out to Lindi's mom's house for a family BBQ of steak and chicken. Sarah gave me crochet hooks and a carrying case (Very thoughtful and sweet!) and she got Lindi that tupperware set that spins around ... which Lindi loved.

The whole day was sooo relaxed, no one was stressed out, we really enjoyed one another's company.

I was a little under the weather and laid down before dinner and ended up throwing it up later that night, but it didn't ruin the day. I was just so happy because my Mom had one of her "good days" and wasn't in a lot of pain. I can't remember the last time she felt as good as she did!

It was really hard for me to go to work today, but I knew I had to. I am just not really into it very much, but I am here. I have a dr's appt today so I can tell her about the pain I've been having.

Lorene seems to think I am overstressed and need the week to myself, and I couldn't agree more. I am going to take it really easy this week and work on my project for Tre's Little One... by the way, on the right hand side of my blog, there is a little poll... be sure to answer it and email me the Time and Measurements of the Little One to win a prize... something off your AMAZON WISHLIST... or you could choose to have something sent to the happy parents instead! You MUST email me to win.


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