Thursday, May 12, 2005

Cookie Crack

I brought cookies today to work. I probably shouldn’t have done that. While I was at the store last night, I picked up a package of “Taffy” cookies. You know the ones I mean, they are made by the Mother’s cookie Company… your grandmother probably had them in her cookie jar when you were little. Lindi’s mom introduced me to them on Mother’s Day. 12 cookies later, I was hooked… Lindi’s mom is a cookie crack dealer.

These things are so good, I think I would probably pawn my wedding ring to ensure I have them on hand at all times. You think you’re only going to have one, maybe two with your morning coffee… before you know it, you are homeless, smelling funny, holding a change cup, begging people for a few dimes to buy your “precious cooookkiieess.” You know you are picturing it your head – and it ain’t pretty.


  • What happens now that Mother's is out of business?

    By Blogger CG, At 2:25 PM  

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