Tuesday, May 31, 2005

In My CD Playa

is a WONDERFUL band called Antigone Rising. They are a group of five women, and their CD From the Ground Up is an acoustic buffet of amazing proportions. The lead singer, Cassidy, has a very strong and perfect voice, and the harmonies are perfectly blended. All the women play their intruments expertly and you can't help but get caught up in the lyrics. My favorite tune is called "Michael," with lines like:

"When they told me you were gone
I hated god for what he'd done
I'm trying hard to understand
And I know I shouldn't want this to be
someone else instead of you
I thought you were so invincible"

These women have a long career ahead of them - as long as they can grow their fan base. They are trying to make their way locally and in small venues, but trust me, they won't be small for long.

A mix of the Ingido Girls and Dixie Chicks... that's a good way to describe them... except they are much more talented.

Go BUY their CD. Visit their site. You'll become a fan.


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