Saturday, April 27, 2002

Waiting for the AVON...

So, while I am waiting I thought I would catch you up on the end of my week.

Wednesday was pretty interesting. There is a small cafe right across the street from work, just a little hole in the wall, with room for about 20 people and a small bar which seats another 4. Nothing too fancy, but a place that attracts regulars and who is famous of burgers, chili and french fries cooked to order. Since I only have a 30 minute lunch usually, I hop over there.

It was really busy on Wednesday, so the only place I could sit was up at the bar... as usual, only one seat left. I walked up to the bar and asked the gentlemen next to it if anyone was sitting there, and he graciously folded up his newspaper and beconed me to join him. We chit-chatted for a while and ended up having a wonderful conversation. 40ish and handsome, Steve is the owner of a landscaping company. We talked about all sorts of things, traveling, computers, business, you name it. We came to the conclusion that people don't really talk to each other anymore, and places like Carl's Cafe were a dying breed. We parted ways, hoping that we would run into each other again, two regulars who always eat single for lunch.

I then went with JJ shopping at Office Max. Love the Office Max! Had dinner, walked the mall a bit and headed back. We were both sooooo tired.

Thursday, Jennifer and I went up to the U of U's fine arts center to screen the Documentary "The Smith Family", directed and produced by Tasha Oldham, one of the girls we graduated with and who was in Senior Drama with us. It was a very well done doumentary. Steve and Kim Smith, residents of Salt Lake, married out of High School and had 2 sons. Very religious and devoted to the LDS church, after about 9 years of marriage, Steve confesses to Kim that he was unfaithful to her several times, with other men. Kim tests positive for HIV, Steve ends up dying of full blown AIDS. The kick to the story is that Steve and Kim stay together, as a family, and Kim helps Steve through until he passes, with a kind of love and devotion to one another that most people never find. It was very well produced, and spans the course of about 2-3 years, focusing on interviews with Steve, Kim and their families.

"The Smith Family" was chosen to open up PBS's POV documentary series this summer, and will premiere on June 25th at 9:00 pm. I encourage everyone to watch it. Jen and I are very proud of Tasha, who now lives in LA and is the Script Supervisor for Disney's "Even Stevens".

Friday consisted of bringing dinner home to the parents from a wonderful little Samich shop by work and vegging out in front of the computer, catching up on email and chatting with friends until about 2:30 in the morning.

And now, I sit and wait for my AVON to show up. They are only 6 hours late. Gawd, I hate this new driver. I hope I see it today!


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