Monday, January 27, 2003

An AMAZING Weekend!

I cannot begin to say what an incredible weekend the universe gave me. My friends, my family and I were blessed over and over again, and I am full of gratitude and humility at the generosity.

The weekend began on Friday evening with a trip to La Frontera for Jer’s 32nd birthday. It was wonderful to see all of my gang with big smiles and easy conversation, jokes bouncing from one table to another, and a few tears of intense laughter. I rediscovered Chet’s and Dee’s wit and even enjoyed the jokes about women in comfortable shoes (thanks Lorene). I can’t remember when I have laughed so hard in so long, it felt good to be together in that atmosphere of positive energy and mutual respect. Our waiter, Jose, was great in his imperfection, and even enjoyed a piece of cake with us. Notably absent was my honey, but she had to work, so it was understandable.

Then, it came. The phone call I had been anticipating for almost ten years. MY MOTHER BEAT DOW CORNING!!! Our attorney came to our house on Friday, and she signed the papers, settling her breast implant lawsuit for $100,000. Not nearly enough for the pain she has gone through over the last 27 years, but something, anything, that validates her ordeal and will ease her life. I anticipate she will be looking for a new house to retire in, one that is easily accessible and will provide for her as her health deteriorates. I am so thrilled, it was beyond words, I simply broke into tears at the table in front of everyone. I am not sure my friends understood the impact of this call, the fact that all the work my mother and I have done finally paid off. But it was great to share it with them, nonetheless.

Friday evening was spent with Lindi (after she got off of work), watching the new Alanis DVD and generally being silly/stupid with each other. We had an evening to ourselves, as Sarah was spending the night with Deanna and Brittany, and it was wonderful to just ‘be’ with one another.

Saturday was packed with shopping and preparing for our party on Sunday. Costco with Lindi’s mom was fun, visiting briefly with my parents to pick up my clothes and sundries for the weekend (I didn’t come home), placing wagers and then running to Lindi’s brother’s for his birthday party. Quite a packed day, but nothing compared to Sunday.

Sunday morning was filled with bread dough, cleaning, organizing, cooking and everything else you could think of. Poor Sarah woke up with a bit of a head cold, so I gave her what she needed to accomplish, and she did it, without complaining, then rested until guests arrived. The menu: Connie’s homemade pizza, lil smokies, cheese, crackers & summer sausage, chips & salsa, homemade guacamole, apples & caramel dip, a HUGE veggie tray, any soda you could possibly imagine and an ample supply of Bud Light. Since my father used to work in a pizzeria, his Superbowl Tradition has been to make homemade pizza, which has now been passed down to me, along with the secret Pizza Dough recipe from my mother. EVERYONE loved the pizza, and it was well worth the efforts to please our friends. Jenn deserves best prize for constantly egging on Lindi, whose Superbowl pick was losing soooo badly. And Dee stole the evening with her Interpretive Dance of how the game was going in the 3rd Quarter. I ended up winning the Pool at the party and one of the pools at my Dad’s house, too.

The best part of all: Lindi and I placed a side bet: she took Oakland, I took TB. The loser has to fix the winner a fully home-cooked meal, from appetizers to dessert, of the winners choosing.

Like my mother and I always say, Never underestimate the Underdog! Wonder what sounds good for dinner…

I am continually blessed and feel so strong, so positive, about how things are going in my life. My circle of friends is something extraordinary, and I am so thankful for them. I am blessed with a wonderful woman to share my life with, blessed with a young lady who I am honored to help and share and love, and I know that right here, and right now, are the best times of my life. It may be gray in the clouds, but I am bathed in exquisite light and love and laughter. Thank you to everyone who is walking this path with me. You add to the journey.


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