Sunday, January 12, 2003

Lazy Lazy Sunday

Laundry, cleaning and emailing is in order today, along with cleaning of the air. Thanks, Lorene for the talks the last couple of days, you help me see things as they are, not necessarily as I see them to be.

Talked at length with Jennifer. She has been in such a place of transition the last year, and is now seeing that faint, glimmering pea-sized light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. I can say that I am very proud of her for pulling herself out of a very scarey place in her life and fighting for her own self worth. I can see the return of the Jennifer who everyone knows and loves and I am happy to see her returing. Besides, it's nice when a friend calls and says, "I just needed a Connie-call."

Splitting my time between two houses is causing a lot of stress on me, not to mention the strain on my back from two separate beds. My mom's health isn't getting much better. I have tried to get her to go back in for her Esophogeal Echo, but she is always finding some excuse. Her hands haven't healed completely from surgery, and it's been months, so her pain is a constant issue. Obviously, she can't do the housework and cooking like she used to, so a little of that load is shifted to me, which I take gratefully, since the woman did it for me for the last 30 years.

It has been so difficult postponing moving in with Lindi and Sarah until June, and I feel like I am cheating myself in a way. I know that if I moved out now, which is easily doable, I would still be splitting my time between households, it would just be between my home and Mom's. Lindi has been so patient and understanding about it all and will wait until I feel comfortable. I am wondering if I ever will. I had better by October, that's all I can say! :)

On the good news front, Lindi and her doctor had another nice long chat about her arthritis. Turns out the majority of the pain she is experiencing is coming from severe Carpal Tunnel in BOTH of her wrists. Her doctor feels that if she has the surgery now (which she had better or risk the cutting of her tendons) her arthritis pain would be minimal since she wouldn't be dealing with two problems. So, surgery is on the menu, it's now just a matter of when. She is in hand/wrist splints now and the pain got worse before it got better, but she seems to be coping a lot better now. Her doctor also perscribed a medication for her arthritis, but it is too soon to tell it's effects... Vol-- something or other. Can't remember exactly since the prescription is generic...

Should be an interesting next couple of months. Lindi is obviously worried about the cost of the surgery. I told her not to worry, her mother would take care of the surgery part (being the head OR nurse at Cottonwood) and I would take care of the money. She is well covered on both ends.

And on the employment front, I was offered a position over the phone at PVH... making $10/hour. I will gratiously refuse. If they can't even match what I was making when I left, that's just a slap in the face, besides the fact that I am already trained, $10/hour is entry level with no experience. C'mon, people, pull your heads out. I can walk in there and be put in 4 different areas with perfect profficiency, and if I took it, Lord knows they will do just that - put me everywhere to do everything without compensation. That's worth more than $10/hour, easily. I am not leaving a $14/hour job for that. Fuck it! (Right, Toni?)

Oh, and Sarah was on Channel 4 with Chris Van'oker the other night with her class, talking about war and the reinstitution of the draft. She got hosed. She had one glimpse shot, and the rest of the interview was mostly with the boys in class. That's okay, she was excited and it seems to have really sparked an interest in acting and performing that I knew was there. And she had great hair... long, long story. :) She and I have been working on her voice, as she really wants to learn to sing. She has classes at school and I am teaching her to harmonize. She still has a 13 year old voice, but the potential is there. Her grades have come up considerably since we transfered classes. She had a bit of a confrontation with a boy in school who was inappropriately touching... ok, the asshole groped her in class... and by the time Lindi and I were done, the boy was suspended. Sarah didn't want to press charges, although the police officer told us she had enough to get the boy arrested, she was satisfied with the discipline of the school and his parents and she moved to another class. For being 13, I wonder how she found the strength and maturity that she displays in tough situations. She did exactly what she should have done, with a cool, clear head and fought back. I am proud of her... and I know it comes from Lindi. She's a good kid.


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