Thursday, January 09, 2003

And As the Fog Rolls In…

I can’t tell you how strange and exhilarating yesterday was in my life. With the fog came some personal resolution and further introspection that has me a little tied in knots.

My former employer wants me back. I am not sure how I feel about that, since the main reason I left was due to an Office Director who had a big problem with big women who were not only intelligent but who didn’t cow-tow to his every lying whim. It was a challenge for both JJ and I to stay in this office and co-exist with this little man, both in stature and in integrity.

My sister, who is a nurse at the same employer, was literally tracked down by the Chief Nursing Officer to find me, to tell me that Little Man was no longer there and that they would love to have me back. I was stunned, shocked, overwhelmed and flattered. But knowing how the world works, I am not getting my hopes up that the offer is valid until I see it in writing.

I loved my old job, and I was good at it. I know that hospital, and I know how to help people. The thought of going back makes me happy, but scares me… would this be a step back for me, or am I really going anywhere here with the cranky Greek man? The fact that they sought me out on the advice of a former co-worker who I didn’t really care for myself impressed me.

I discussed this with my love, who told me she knew I wouldn’t be happy until I was back in a hospital, which is true, and that she thinks it would be a great opportunity, provided they are willing to pay what I was making before I left… or better. Lorene agrees. I am batting it around. I think I will call to see if the offer was serious or if they were just blowing smoke.

Also of contemplation: A friend of mine, who is about as physically large as I, was just released from the hospital after having Gastric Bypass surgery. She is weak and tired, but has already lost 20 pounds since 12/30/02. This action prodded my mind into wandering on this subject while watching JJ and Lorene dedicating themselves to their goals by working out (Good Job, Ladies…) and my own desire to be thinner. Is Gastric Bypass a cop-out? Is it lifesaving? I am proud my friend had the resolve to change her life in such a way… but I also know she also had the strength to do it without surgery.

What do YOU think?

Be Careful What you Tell JJ...

So, last Thursday, the lovely JJ send me this GORGEOUS calendar of half naked Firefighters... yes, male... who were scrumptious beyond all belief. So, being the witty Virgo I am, I reply...

"I have never wanted to be in a burning building so much in my entire life."

At 3:45 pm that same day, my entire building was evacuated, and the fire department called, because of unexplained smoke in the hallways. I had the opportunity to stand outside for over an hour while Firefighters swarmed my building, finally locating a burned out compressor on the roof which had been sending the smoke through the ventilation system. No one hurt, but three rigs, one ladder truck, two Paramedic units and an ambulance later, my passion for men and women in uniform was quite satiated.

Be careful. JJ is as scarey as Lorene sometimes.


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