Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Tuesday in all it's Glory

Whoa. What a week so far and it's only Tuesday. Our workload seems to have doubled.... tripled... in the last 3 weeks and I am feeling the burn. It's a far cry from feeling your job was in jeopardy. But 5 long stemmed red roses delivered to my work with a sweet card helped. (It's been five months, can you believe it? Man, LST sure does fly by fast!) Tonight is the corporate McDonald's Christmas Party. Lin gets to "show me off" so to speak. We got our first Christmas card, too, from her boss...To Lindi, Connie and Sarah. Strange and wonderful.

Topic on JJ's blog: New Year's Resolutions. I thought about this for a while, and realized something very important in regard to this tradition.

Tomorrow is not promised. Today is the only thing that's real. There is no guarantee that I will even be here next year, next month or next week. So, my New Year's Resolution is to do the best I can do, be the best I can be, each and every day. Eat better, love more, talk and play and laugh and sing and hug and cry and tell those I love how much I love them - each day - as if I won't be here tomorrow. Because, you never know, I just might not.

In a nutshell, LIVE each day with no regrets, no do-overs, and recognize that each minute the fates have given us is a gift and cherish it as the last minute I have to live.


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