Friday, November 22, 2002

And Friday is Supposed to be a GOOD Day??!?!

So, I get a call from G's Aunt telling me there are some boxes I need to go through at the house we used to live in. Okay, I can handle that. I am thinking 4-6 boxes tops. Lindi and I borrowed Dad's MONSTER truck and headed over.... 2 hours later and a completely FULL truck bed, piled 3 boxes deep, I realized there is a lot of shit in my life. Of course, everything is mixed so I now have the wonderous task of sorting it all out on my own, which is fine, since Lin and The Mom are going to help me.

But, the biggest prize of ALL... I found all my yearbooks and poetry and EVERYTHING I thought I lost! I feel sorta whole now, like a big gaping wound is healing. Hurrah, hurrah!

I am strong, I am a fighter. I also have a backache and a broken nail.

I found a storage unit at an extremely afforadable rate, so most of my shit is going there... Might as well, since Lin and I are looking at places in case I can't find a house I want. We're thinking June-ish. Taking it slow, doing it right.

Needless to say, my date night with my Honey is cancelled, but she told me she didn't mind helping me sort through boxes, just spending time with me is all the date she needs. Awwwww...

We also got a new game called "Foreplay". Now, I know what you're thinking, but it's not all about sex. There are "Key" cards of questions designed to promote discussion and communication between couples. It is really wonderful. I learned a lot about her last night. The sex part is merely the bonus at the end of the game. In fact, you don't even touch each other until the whole thing is over. Very romantic and I HIGHLY recommend it.


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