Wednesday, November 13, 2002

The Lesbian Bar... and the Airport

So, Saturday was a complete blast. I am sorry so many of you weren't able to make it to the Moon, it ended up being wonderfully NON-dramatic, full of laughs, dancing, bodyshots and great times. We spread out over 3 tables, me, Lindi, Cynthia, Liz, Deann, Alisha, Kat, Brenda, Lisa, Margaret and about 6 other women I met THAT night, but were new friends of Lindi's. I am grateful I arrived early to reserve tables, as the entire place was packed to the walls. Odd women approached Lindi and were asking her to dance or asking her if she were with, yeah, the girl sitting next to her with her hand in Lindi's lap just MIGHT be her girlfriend, but who knows in a lesbian bar. Lisa was officially dubbed my surrogate girlfriend while Lindi is away in Phoenix, so I had to hold her hand, too. I suppose I looked either A; drunk or B; slutty, but since both are true... The DJ for the eveing was kind and dedicated one of more dirty-dancing songs to Lindi as a "Bon Voyage", but publicly chided me when Deanna yelled, "Hell, she's only leaving for a WEEK!" The DJ glared at me playfully and said, "Shit, Connie, the tip was good, but not THAT good!" Everyone had a laugh over that one... But she played the song anyway. I FINALLY found occassion to wear my black see-through top with my flesh-colored push-up bra... and Lindi was appreciative of that fact, too. In fact, all the women at my table were... nice to know I can still turn a few women's heads with these bad boys...

We then had the wonderful task of sneaking into her house at 2:00 am, then to be up at 5:30 am to take her to the airport. Y'all know how much I hate airports, and this was a bad trip. I felt naseated the entire time, and it wasn't the tequila. We had a short, tearful goodbye and I left for home feeling quite off, and I realized that I already missed her. It sounds so fucking corney, but I just don't feel quite complete without her. Of course, she called me to let me know she arrived and the phone numbers and all the important information. She was able to visit her cousin Tracy and her new baby Ani (pronounced aww-knee, Hawaiian for "beautiful"). She called me from Tracy's house, too, and let me listen to beautiful newborn cooing. You should have heard Lindi, it warmed my heart to it's depths to hear her speak to this new child. She's quite an amazing woman... but all you Cancers already KNEW that!

To cope with the lonliness and the inability to connect at the drop of a hat, I have started a journal of sorts. I just start writing to tell her of all the things going on and the thoughts and feelings running through my head. I figure she'll get quite a kick out of it when she gets home... it's already up to 12 pages or so...

She comes back on Friday night. Well, let's put it this way, she flies home Friday evening but isn't actually going home until Saturday afternoon... *wink*

Yes, I know, I was a bit anxious to help JJ move... so much so, I came a week early. So, sue me, dammit!! At least I was able to do SOMETHING, even if it was only to clean a couple of bathrooms, eat lunch and go home. I love her house, I think it's beautiful. I will miss her so far away, though. But she is worth the drive, at all lengths.

And little Jeffy has a girlfriend. Tee hee. Good for you. Wait, damn, now I can't ask you to father my children. *smacks head*


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