Wednesday, October 23, 2002

The Center of Everything

At the core of everything in my life is my connection with my family and friends. When one, or more, of those connections are screwed up, so is my energy and my perspective. It is amazing how aligning your relationships can turn your world into a better place.

Things I Am Grateful For:

1. Soft hand-made fleece blankets to wrap around your shoulders on cold nights, made by loving hands with a loving heart (Thanks, honey, I love it!)
2. New friends who add a spark of joy to your otherwise dreary days.
3. Old friends who know your heart so well, they feel both your pain and your happiness and can tell you how to get from one to the other.
4. Plain cake donuts and an icey cold Diet Coke.
5. Enough money in your pocket to buy the homeless man behind you in line the coffee he's holding at the 7-11 and the donut of his choice (My random act of kindness for today).
6. Halloween. No, scratch that. Autumn in general. Falling leaves, chilly evenings, fires in the fireplaces and being in love.
7. The ability to recognize your past and know you have grown by leaps and bounds.
8. Barton. (Don't choke, Lorene) Without him, I wouldn't recognize number 7.
9. Cold little poodle noses in the morning.
10. To Be Continued...


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