Monday, August 26, 2002

another Recapping Blog

I am finding it harder and harder to find blogging time. I hope you understand. Between funerals and dating, my schedule has been booked. I mean that sarcastically, of course, but there is some truth in that statement. I need to chill a bit and start spending quality time with me and my computer again. JJ is wondering if I really exist or if I am just the voice inside her head telling her what to do…

Thursday night was the viewing for Vi, and I am very proud of my mother. We walked into the mortuary and she came to the door of her viewing room and stopped. I was on one side, Grace on the other and my Father standing behind her… and she couldn’t move. Tears filled her eyes and dripped down her face and she couldn’t, wouldn’t move into the room with her. She told me she didn’t want to see her like that, she wanted to remember her alive and happy. I know what she means. She did go into the room and was very warmly greeted by Vi’s family, as she is like a mother to them as Vi was to me. When we were done, we all went back home and ate tacos and burritos and fell into a coma.

Friday was her funeral, which was well attended and moving, even though I hate Mormon funerals. Don’t ask me why, I couldn’t pinpoint it. Our family was invited to the Family Prayer and closing of the casket, which was an honour. I placed a rosary I had bought her under her hand (so no one could see) and my Mom gave her a teddy bear. Those were the only two things she was buried with besides her wedding band. It was emotional and took it’s toll on us all, including Grace, who ended up at the Emergency Room when a migraine hit her and doubled her over. I called Lindi when I drove Grace in and she met me there and really took care of the both of us. I don’t know what I would have done without Lindi, I was exhausted and a basket case and Gracie’s family wasn’t much help. She is doing better now, thank Gawd.

Saturday was vegging and playing day, went to Lindi’s house and had dinner with the family, played Uno and colored in her Pooh coloring books. Quite lovely, actually. Sunday was a family BBQ, where I met extended family and it was announced that I “might be around for Christmas”. Well, I sure as hell hope so!!!! *grin*. I even met a cousin who I think is perfect for Jennifer. Settin’ it up, baby!

The birthday party is coming together. I finished the invitations and they are out in the mail as we speak. I am hoping to have a great cross-section of people, and maybe reunite some old, long lost friends again. I love my birthday. It’s the one opportunity I have to gather those I love in one room and know just how very blessed I am. The charity of choice this year is The Christmas Box House… but I have people telling me there is NO way they aren’t giving me a gift for my 30th… so I have to lump it. Oh, well! *big sigh* I secretly love it, you know…


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