Sunday, July 14, 2002

Oh, What a Difference a Week Makes...

WARNING: This entry might be a little much for those who haven't been following my love-life adventures... continue to read ONLY if you have a strong stomach....

I know you are dying to know a little about what happened on Monday. I didn't elaborate before since events were unfolding rapidly and, frankly, I was having multiple feelings at odd times. Let me fill you in: A chic I was kinda-sorta seeing a couple weeks ago had basically asked me for another chance after breaking things off with me two weeks ago, then broke my heart 2 days later, on Monday at noon, but telling me she had decided to go back to her ex. So, the day sucked.

By the end of the day, however, I had a date with a new girl I had met on Saturday night, at her b-day party at The Paper Moon. Wow. She is awesome. After nursing my broken heart a bit, I went out with her on Tuesday, and we have been inseperable since. Her name is Lindi, and she is incredible. Lorene and JJ can tell you, I have been twitterpated this entire week. I went to her place on Thursday for a family b-day bbq, and met her family, ate hotdogs, sang and got in a grass-fight with her brother Bill. He won, and I want a rematch. Met up with her at her work (since she had to work until midnight) on Friday, had lunch with her on Saturday and met up with her Saturday Night at the Moon and danced the night away.

About her... about her...

She is 33, has a 13 year old girl named Sarah (who is a doll and loves me already because I am an AVON lady), has had 2 significant relationships, both long term - one for 7 years, one for 5. She is a Cancer, which thrills the other Cancers in my life to no end... and she treats me how I have always wanted to be treated.

I am so happy right now, I feel like I could burst. I even had a discussion with The Mom about my sexuality, which is very difficult, and I think in some ways she's regressing back to the "You're not a lesbian" stage. But you know, I need to have her understand me, and I want my relationships out in the open, not hidden away. I don't think I was strong enough in myself or in my womanhood to do that before, but I have found this incredible source inside my soul that says "Life is too fucking short to hide from your family". I want to share with The Mom how wonderful this woman is and how she makes me feel and I find myself stopping short because she wouldn't understand. How sick is that? I should be telling her everything... so I have been slowly introducing her to the idea, I have mentioned Lindi's name frequently and she knows without realizing that she is the girl I am seeing.

There is so much to tell, I can't even go into it. Obviously, if you want details, email me and I will be happy to spill.

I am taking her to The Melting Pot tomorrow night for a romantic date. She relented and is allowing me to take her out. I am so excited, I probably won't sleep tonight!

Well, wish me luck, you guys. This one is pretty fantastic and unreal. Almost too good to be true, I am waiting for someone to slap me awake.


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