Sunday, June 30, 2002

Oh, My Freakin' Head

I should learn that a night at the Paper Moon inevitably ends up with a headache of some kind. The last two weekends have produced that result in different ways. You know, the clincal definition of insanity...

I will say, however, that both times, I did have my ass grabbed by an unknown person, although last night was much more adventurous. Dancing alone and with abandon seems to do me well. I had an old friend wrap her arm around me from behind and put her hand down my blouse, which was unexpected and a little ego-boosting! :) And I did have a couple who kept pulling me into their little circle to dance with them... it was obvious what THEY were looking for. Other than that, though, the highlight of the evening was dancing with drunken, straight birthday girl Kimmie to songs like "Bootylicious".

And, for the record, Grace is a little chicken shit. She told me she was going to get 3 numbers last night and ended up giving her number out to her former boss who we happened to run into (small world). I was showing her the women who were checking her out and making suggestions, but to no avail. Chicken shit.

Oh, and be careful when you make friends with the bartender. Grace and Dig talked for, like, 30 minutes while she was getting me water and by the time she came back, she was too drunk to drive! *big sigh* That's okay, next time, I get to have a Designated Driver! Tequila, here I come!! Did I mention how odd it was to scan women with your ex-wife? Odd, but freeing in a way.

Grace ended up crashing at my place and we went to breakfast this morning at Coachman's (which was really good). I was happy to see her head throbbing... heh heh! No Bloody Mary's for Grace, she had to settle for chopped sirloin steak and tomato juice, which helped tremendously. And the rest of the day consisted of shopping for The Mom, a hour-long nap with Grace (before she skeedaddled out the door to help Toni and then onto her date with Anne) and working on AVON.

All in all, not a bad weekend, rather slow and pleasant and I wish I had one more day...


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