Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Oh, What a Wonderful World

Hello all. Sorry I have been neglecting my duties here, but I must confess, I have had an emotional week. I won't go into details, those who know are already surely sick of my retelling and rehashing. I am learning new lessons, from new sources, and suffice to say, I haven't really progressed much.

So, I am writing poetry again, which tells you where I am at. The world sucks, I am out of chocolate, I must write p o e t r y...

Here is the latest. It's not very good, but writing always helps.

Through a Plate Glass Wall

My hand is pressed gently on the Plate Glass Wall.
My face is resting against it
like an eager child or a drunken man
gazing at the beauty just outside my reach.

It's almost as if I can touch
the future
I have been believing in for so long.

I soothe my tattered gut
by continuing to ache
pounding out words that hold no real meaning.

This Wall
holds me back.

Hope lies effortlessly on the air
you can taste it
and if you know what you're looking for
you can see it there in the short distance.

If I could just step beyond this boundary
I never created, anticipated...

But as hard as I try
I cannot break the Plate Glass Wall
separating me,
separating us.

You don't want me to.

It is your protection
and my downfall.

© Connie A. Anast, Anast & Associates Inc. 2002


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