Sunday, May 26, 2002

And this was supposed to be a Restful Weekend??

Luckily for me, my boss recently had his ass chewed on by a co-worker, so he was in a particularly generous mood. 1:00 pm rolled around and he told me to go home. Goodie for me, get a jump start on a relaxing weekend!
Met JJ for lunch at Lonestar Taqueria, gossiped for an hour, then took off to Scensations for a bit of shopping and to visit the lovely Kristen, also known lovingly as "The Redhead", only stopping for my bi-monthly visit to Cummings Chocolates. Dropped a little money on Pomegranate scented jojoba lotion, 4 more oils and a "Goddess" oil evaporator (Beautiful!), and, of course, 2 1/2 hours of girl gossip. Jumped in the car and headed to Boarders Cafe' for coffee, BAD baklava, and more heart-to-heart gossip with the handsome Christopher, and some CD shopping. I finally bought Josh Groban, what a wonderful CD! Met up with some of Christopher's friends and went out to The Trapp and The Trapp Door to partake in the Coronation PR party for Pride Day. There was LOTS of beautiful womyn all around... except they were all Drag Queens! I think there may have been 1 or 2 biological womyn there, but it was hard to tell. Rolled into bed about 2 am.

Woke up tired and groggy, did not sleep well. Too much energy in my head, I think. Headed to the cemetary with my parents and decorated the graves of my Grandmother and Uncle Jeff (he is also my Godfather). Came back home and got a call from the Grandpa asking me to go to lunch. Let me paint this visual - I haven't had one on one lunch time with my Grandpa since I was 10 years old, so this was important. He and I had some gossip time and he ended up giving me his yearbooks from 1941-1943 since he was just going to "throw them out". Oh, hell no! Not for a geneologist like me! Napped part of the afternoon, got dolled up and met Jenn, Dee and Gracie for dinner - my treat - at Red Lobster. This was the "Thank You" for Jenn and Gracie helping me with my taxes, and Dee was just an added bonus (with her soft, sweet smelling hair LOL). About 30 minutes into the dinner, and a bottle of Korbel champagne later, Jenn was gratefully drunken, as she no longer felt the pain of the sunburned arms and neck from her 6 hour stint staining her fence, and was quite entertaining the rest of the evening. We spontaneously went to Jordan Commons to see "About a Boy" and even had the 4 of us drawn as Super Heros by an artist selling his talent by the ice cream shop. Gracie was Cat-type-woman (with a tail like a Fox, figure that), Dee was Wonder Woman "With lots of Bosom!", Jenn was Supergirl, and I was... well... the jury is still out on that, but I fly and I shoot fire from my hand, so I must be cool! Apparently the guy used to draw for the Spiderman, so he was quite good. My mom recognized everyone's face right off. The movie was good, even though we underestimated it's draw and ended up sitting in the front row, which wasn't too terribly bad. Headed home, burned a CD for Kristen, took a shower, shaved and lotioned and crawled into bed about 2:30 am.

And here is where we are. Already I have been up and over to my sisters house to feed her mammoth dog while she and her husband are out of town. My hair is still wet, I need to do something about that. I have an appointment in a couple of hours to have a massage with Kristen (hence the CD I burned as a gift). I am so happy, I haven't had a massage in at least a year. Then I can come home and tackle the AVON sitting in the living room.

So, now you are up to speed on the "restful" weekend thus far. My love and thoughts out to Dylan and his Great-Grandfather. I will update to conclude this weekend soon!


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