Sunday, May 19, 2002

I am Bad... I know...

It's been too long and I apologize. I think everyone's life has been so insane lately, I think you will understand. Or maybe not, and want to flog me. In the case of the latter, just call to make an appointment.

I am able to cross #3 off my list! Gracie, JJ and I walked in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 5K on May 11th. It was a wonderful, and feet blistering, experience and I am so grateful to have shared it with two of my best friends. Since the t-shirts weren't large enough for me and JJ, I made custom shirts for us, mine with tribute to my Mother, a breast cancer survivor and my Grandmother, a Survivor in Spirit. JJ's shirt made reference to the Men who are struck with breast cancer, which provoked some interesting remarks. (Leave it to JJ to make waves at a charity 5k! *grin*) Then the three of us went to brunch, ached and ate and shared some great conversation.

After a bit of shopping at the Gateway, Gracie and I went to the cemetary. We pinned our racing numbers to bouquets of flowers and placed them on our Grandmother's graces in tribute. We also visited the grave of my Godfather, Jeff, who passed away on May 11th. While emotional, it was a cleansing and peaceful day.

I've been struggling with my teeth for some time now, and had some work done on Thursday. I was in a considerable amount of pain, but my dentist is a kind and patient man, going slowly and assuring me well. He did mention that I was probably having pain because there are cervical nerves that he can't numb and they may be the reason I am in pain when my teeth are drilled. But, soon, my worries will be over and I will have a healthy mouth again...$1,000 later...

Had breakfast with a dear friend yesterday morning that really set the day off to a good start. Great coffee, fantastic conversation. I realized that it will be one year smoke-free on June 6th. *Happy Dance* I thought about having a party to celebrate, we'll see!

I've sure been enjoying the time I have spent with JJ and her family. Last night, Gracie, JJ, Brad, and my sister Denise got together for a bit of fondue, wine, and a "Kinky Craft" evening! We made beautiful suede whips, complete with "Xena Jewels" on the handle of my sister's and colourful beads on the end of Brad's. JJ made an interesting and beautiful paddle out of a large wooden spoon covered in suede. Gracie is quite the leather-smith, cutting our pieces of suede precisely and expertly. My mother liked my whip, but asked what I was going to tell my dad when he caught a glimpse of it. "Well, I think it's pretty self explanitory, Mom..."

This morning was spent with Gracie, helping get her brakes fixed and then in bed, feeling extremely sick to my stomach. No, not a hangover, as I was sober last night, but I wonder if it was because of the 91 degree temp today.

A BIG HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO DYLAN!!! I was hoping to get together, but it looks like you're going out of town. I love you, hope your day was special !!! Sure miss doing things with the group, but we all seem to run in different circles now. Maybe we can get together for a party soon.

Much love to all, thank you for your patience. Check out my monthly columns on Whut whoo, I am writing again!!


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