Saturday, June 15, 2002

Hey Now, I DID Update my Blog!!

I don't know what the hell is up with Blogger, but I updated it twice and everytime I posted, it went into never never land somewhere... So I am giving it one last shot tonight...

I didn't go to Pride Day this year, I just didn't feel the urge. I know, I know, I should support the community, but it is interesting that as a bi-sexual female, I tend to be discriminated against in my own community. Oh, well. My friends love me for who I am and that is all that matters...

So, so much to talk about, so little brain power to do it in. I think JJ accurately described our INCREDIBILY ORGASMIC experience at The Melting Pot on Monday. I will definately list that as my favorite restaurant next to Macaroni Grill.

Wednesday was AVON delivery day (and Jennifer's sister had her Baby!!!).
Thursday, met up with a new friend for coffee and dinner.
Friday went to Scooby Doo and had dinner over at Gracie's (she makes a mean halibut dinner...) and have been bumming out today. Ran to the bank and to the store for The Mom, had my nails done, you know, the usual "get everything accomplished" kind of day. The Mom is having surgery at Death Valley... oops, I meant Pioneer Valley... on Tuesday to release the tendons in one of her hands (and when that is healed, she will be going back in for the other hand). This is a symptom of her fibromyalgia from the breast implants. The Bastards. So we are preparing a turkey and some other things I can just pop in the Micro for The Dad. I took Tuesday off work to be with her so The Dad won't worry. Knowing The Mom, she will be cooking for everyone by the next day!

Looking forward to doing nothing tomorrow, just lunch with The Dad. I bought him a tattoo for Father's Day, a beautiful Eagle in front of a billowing American Flag, and he is pleased. It took him 40 years to finally get it and I was very pleased with the experience. The artist, Justin at ASI, was FABULOUS, and made my Dad feel very comfortable as they chatted about everything under the sun and really had a nice time. The Dad was in the chair for 3 hours, and it turned out great, although now it is in the healing stage. The Mom says it looks more like a fighting chicken than an Amercian Eagle! *lol* Justin underbid another cocky asshole at ASI, so I ended up giving him a $55 tip because he was so respectful and real with The Dad. So, if you are looking for an artist - go to ASI on State and ask for Justin!!! (My artist has since moved on and owns his own studio now, so Justin will be doing my Tinkerbell tat, as soon as I can find her...)

Well, going to go for now. Hope all is well in your world, and feel free to comment on my ever-expanding wisdom and immense charm... or tell me my blog sucks ass. Either way!


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