Friday, June 28, 2002

The Liquor Store at 10:00 am

Cranky Greek Man is out of town on business. My co-worker decides that she and I are going to hurry and do all of our work and then bring lunch back to the office and have a bottle of wine. Well, I am all for that!

So, the Wine and Liquor store is 2 blocks from work and I headed down there to pick up a nice dry Chard to go with our Italian fare. As I am checking out the wine selection, I feel a pair of eyes checking me out. A lovely lady come up behind me, oozing “Family”, and asks if I know a good Chardonnay. We strike up a conversation as I admit I don’t have a freakin’ clue, I am just picking something up for work. Butchy, but not too butchy, and a rather attractive woman, lovely golden colored hair and probably about 35.

I select one, ask the Wine Store employee if it is dry and non-sweet (per co-workers request) and proceed to the checkout, all the while, this lovely lady following me… through the line, briefly chatting about how lucky I am to have a boss who lets me have some wine during the day… and then out to my car.

As I am getting in my car, she walks behind it and says, “Love your license plate,” and gives me a wink. Surprised, I look up to see her getting into her GORGEOUS white Chevy Silverado, all chromed out. I yell back “Love your truck!” Wow, what a smile… We exchanged understanding glances as I back out and head to work.

Big Sigh

Gawd, I needed that today!


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