Friday, August 09, 2002

Blue Thyroid-Shaped Doughnuts

Yes. They exist.

Cranky Greek Boss’s daughter is a pharmacutical rep for the company that manufactures Lovoxil, a thyroid medication. Today, she had a luncheon with some doctors to give them a presentation regarding the effectiveness and appropriate target patient who would benefit from this medication. In preparation, she called Banbury Cross Doughnuts and ordered custom-made thyroid-shaped doughnuts. But, wait. There’s more. Lovoxil is blue, so she had them frost the doughnuts in sky blue. They were the most interesting things I have ever seen! I have to give her oodles of credit, the doctors are NEVER gonna forget blue thyroid-shaped doughnuts, no matter how hard they try. It’s good to know Banbury makes custom shaped doughnuts, at no extra charge, mind you. That could come in handy.


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