Sunday, July 28, 2002


I know I have been bad guys. I have been spending a lot of time with a certain woman and having the time of my life, and can you really blame me??

But, seriously, things have been turned upside down lately. The Mom outted me to The Dad, officially a week ago and I am still adjusting to being "out" with my family. The Mom is fabulous, let me tell you. She was encouraging, although she doesn't think I am truly a lesbian. Her take on the whole thing is that whatever I am, I should be proud and shouldn't have to hide who I am from ANYONE. The Dad is doing well, although he misses me a lot since I am rarely home. He was mostly concerned with the places I frequent, about hate-crimes and the like. I don't blame him, I worry about that, too.

Other than that, my feet have been about an inch off the ground the last two weeks. Friday, the 19th, Lin, Sarah and I had a movie night, complete with Pizza, jammies and goodies. They had never seen Tomb Raider (which is a sin and they are going to hell). It was a wonderful time with two amazing women. Sarah reminds me a lot of a little Lorene... even this young, she is powerful and strong in herself, which is quite the credit to Lindi and her family. Saturday, the 20th, I spent some good time with Sarah, teaching her to make Baklava. The Meat-Fest at the Netzlers was WONDERFUL, as always, and it gave everyone a chance to meet Lin and Sarah. It warmed my heart to see the dearest people to my heart in one place. The fact that the Cancers all picked on the poor, solitary Virgo should be noted, however, as cruel and unusual punishment!! Sunday, the 21st, Lin and I took Sarah up to Catholic Summer Camp at Camp Tuttle in Big Cottonwood Canyon and spent the rest of the day together. Wednesday the 24th, she took me up to a great lookout spot on the East side and we watched fireworks and had wonderful conversation (seriously, guys).

Yesterday, Grace and I got together and went through storage boxes and sorted our things out. It was extremely emotional, but it was good. Going through the old memories kinda keeps me in perspective. Sometimes the ending of something is really the beginning of a road back to yourself, and the things you thought you lost, both physically and emotionally, you find in abundance. I found my treasures, pictures and poetry and memories galore. For all the problems G and I had, as we sorted through our things, I realized that our love was meant to happen, to learn from, and I wouldn't have traded it for anything. I think Grace felt the same way, especially when she thanked me for spending the last 7 years of my life with her. Ending a relationship, albeit painful, can be healing and nuturing in a strange way. Needless to say, my back, neck and legs are KILLING me... but it was worth it to see pictures of Lorene with 80's hair!!

Well, I am gonna run now, off to see Men In Black II with Lin and Sarah. Love to all!

CONGRATULATIONS TO DYLAN ON HIS NEW JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you, Big Goat!!!!!


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