Friday, September 13, 2002

It's Friday the 13th... and I have a headache...

First of all, let me recap some of the highlights of the previsou weekend. On Saturday was the ever wonderful birthday party, hosted by our very own JJ and Brad, who did an amazing job. 6 foot sandwiches, salads, drinks, liquor, nachos and 80's music reigned the evening along side punk hair, 80's bangles and Sarah as the cutest little Flashdancer EVER!!! Everyone seemed to have a good, quite time, since the party had to break up aroun 9. Hey, 4 hrs is enough time to worship me!

Lindi and I went to spend the evening at Country Inn and Suites in one of their jacuzzi rooms. Man, the suite was gorgeous and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a relatively inexpensive in-town getaway. It was wonderful to spend some "alone" time with Lindi, which seems all too rare these days.

Sunday morning we went to breakfast, picked up Sarah and went to the Greek Festival for food (which Sarah didn't like), Greek Dancers (which Sarah LOVED) and more quality time for the three of us. I toured them through my church and they were able to meet some good friends of mine. They also got to meet "The Dad" officially. Dad seemed to take to Lindi alright, in fact he LOVED Sarah to pieces. I had a good feeling about it all and I feel much more comfortable.

I woke up with the headcold from hell on Monday, went to work and wanted to die. Lin was sweet, leaving me a giftbag with Nyquil, cough spray and drops, Advil, Calgon, and a cute stuffed pumpkin. It was waiting for me in my car when I went to lunch. How sweet was THAT?


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