Wednesday, November 06, 2002

It's Official... I am Sick

Still puking, but I am doing a little better. I don't feel like I am going to crawl up walls or anything. 3 days off work and no fun to show for it. I am thrilled, can you tell? My love is coming over after work to fill my anti-naseau meds and rub my head some more. And shove Gatorade down my throat.

Our relationship has really started to solidify over the last couple of months into a friendship as well as a romance. Now I know what JJ, Lorene and Toni talk about with their partners/husbands being their best friends. I am able to be myself without losing what makes me uniquely me. I don't feel "melted" into one coagulated unit, we appreciate all the differences between us. Although, I am not sure how long our relationship can last, since she doesn't like broccolli. *lol*

Last Saturday, while we had her daughters for the evening, we were passsing a jewelry store and Sarah spotted a gold Tinkerbell pendant. Before I knew it, she had me picking out the chain I wanted with it and it was around my neck. Completely thoughtful and sweet. This is the first piece of jewelry she has given to me, she told me she had been searching for "the right one". She amazes me sometimes. She pays attention to the small things about me, especially when I am not looking.

Well, I am going back to bed. 20 minutes is all I can handle upright. Hope all is well in your world!


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