Monday, November 18, 2002

Oh, I am so Happy!!! My Baby's Home!!

Lindi's flight came in on Friday Night... only 2 hours LATE, but I at least had the opportunity to people watch until she got there. She looked so energized, yet exhausted, from the trip and we shared a wonderful and private evening alone. I had planned a whole "Welcome Home" deal, complete with candles, a hot bath and dinner in a beautiful King Suite at the Country Inn and Suites... but since her plane had "Routine Maintenance" issues, the bath was cold, the candles were almost gone and the food had to be nuked. She was grateful for the attempt, and smiled while I did a little damage control to the evening. Luckily, I had purchased 48 tealights, so the candle problem wasn't really a problem, the bath was easily warmed up and the food was ready when she was done. Oh, and when you get Chinese food and ask for forks, make sure they give you more than one. Eating Chinese food with a spoon is a little infuriating!

Saturday I joined the gang in the massive "Let's Move JJ and Brad across the freakin' State" parade. My headcold was about to kill me, but I was at least able to contribute my witty sense of humor, my dazzling beauty and my car to the effort.

Sunday I spent in bed, then went to Lindi's for Family Dinner. On the menu: homemade Jambalaya, breadsticks, salad and Chocolate Cream filled Raspberry Mer-- I don't know how to spell this -- Meringue (??) for dessert. Then Lindi broke down and gave me one of my Christmas presents early... are you ready for this... AN EASY BAKE OVEN!!! I about died with laughter. It was the one thing as a child I secretly wanted and never asked for. She wanted my inner child to have a present for Christmas. Now y'all see why I love her so much... besides the fact that she is a Cancer.

I have decided that I have the same problem JJ has, just in reverse. She can't get away from Virgos and I can't get away from Cancers. God help us both.


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