Monday, November 25, 2002

Crazy Crazy Monday

Commissions go out today, so I only have a very brief period to fill y'all in on the weekend. Friday was spent going through boxes, throwing out the old and boxing what I wanted to keep. I spent the night over at Lin's with Sarah and two of her friends, so that was fun. Got up, and went to the Lovely Kristen's for a reading, which brought a lot of insight. The cards were extremely positive about the direection of my life and my life choices, but obviously I have things to work on. I am journaling again (my Kristen homework) and am being very kind to my inner-child. She ended up making me cry, but it was a good thing!

When I returned from my reading (and a bit of shopping in their wonderful store) my energy was so strong and positive, Lin couldn't even stand near me without getting light headed. She said it felt like her heart was going to explode... She said she could almost "see" the energy about a foot around me in every direction. It's amazing when you can get perspective and clarity about where you are and who you are in such a way that impacts those you love.

Moved boxes to the unit on Sunday, dumped another 3 boxes of trash, cleaned my room and bathroom, and spent a quiet evening at my house, cuddling on my bed, watching football with Lin. Did anyone notice that my team was beat by...the Cowboys?? Ohigawd, I thought I was going to throw up!


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