Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Want the Good News or the Bad News?

The Mom had her annual heart checkup (one year late) in regard to her Mitral Value Prolapse. Two years ago, we were told she would need a full valve replacement since there was soooo much blood remaining in the heart. Her doctors were worried about stroke and were pretty adamant about getting her into surgery. She kept putting it off, like a lot of her generation would. At her appointment yesterday, her doctor told her that he believes (good news) that her problem just might be scar tissue holding the value open and he would be able to repair it without full valve replacement. This would prolong any further procedures by up to ten years. On the 12th, we’re going to St. Marks for a new scoping procedure, similar to an Angiogram, which will allow the cardiologist to get a better view of the Mitral Valve and we would know if that is her option. The test would also reveal (bad news) that she does need the replacement as soon as possible. She is still in a high probability of stroke or sudden death. Gratefully, though, her condition hasn’t worsened in two years, which is amazing.

I am angry that The Mom hasn’t done anything about this sooner. I knew she had a prolapse, but she lead me to believe that it wasn’t anything too serious, and come to find out that The Mom is a ticking time bomb.

Send her your energy.

And to Rob...

I am terribly sorry to hear about your cousin. I can't imagine what your family is going through right now, my love and prayers are with you.

If possible, have a Happy Birthday! The day YOU were born is definately a day to celebrate.


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