Thursday, December 19, 2002

Wow, Is Christmas Over Yet??

I don’t know when my life got so out of control, but things are starting to come together. Friday night consisted of a Hockey Game (which I didn’t fully understand) and Lin and I spending quiet “alone” time at my house, until her hacking cough sent her home at 2:30 am. Her cold really got a hold of her, but since she has NEVER had sick day in over 5 years, she is lucky most of her illness fell on her days off.
Saturday Morning was shopping with Lin and hanging with the folks. Saturday Night was lovely, spending time with the gang at Dos Serranos. It is amazing how much our group has grown over the past few years, with the addition of new people and spouses and children. I did miss not seeing Danny & Mat and Jer & ‘chelle, but they are in my thoughts and on my Christmas Card list.
Sunday brought a Brunch where I spent time with Lin and her crazy family, which was very nice, although she has been so very sick. We stopped over at my house and visited with y parents before heading over to her place to wrap presents and watch movies.
The entire week has been a hell-time at work. I felt drained every single day, then yesterday I realized that I caught what Lin has and have been sick since Monday without stopping. It hit me hard yesterday and Day-Quil is now my best friend. Luckily, I only have a couple more presents to get and the rest I am hand-making.
I wish I could have more quiet time to myself to enjoy the season, but it seems to have snuck up on us. I hope everyone is enjoying their season!!


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