Friday, December 13, 2002

Ever Eat a Porcupine?

The Christams Party for Lin was absolutely wonderful! We dined at the Porcupine Grill at the mouth of the canyon. Our group was in the upper balcony of the restaurant, with an incredible view of the mountains. I was able to meet all the Managers and Owners of the stores in Lin's area, which ends up being 7 stores total. The owners, Chris and Mark, were very nice and quite complimentary to me, I felt very welcomed. The appitizers consisted of wonderful breads, veggies, dips, hot wings, you name it, it was available. I chose Filet Mignon (medium rare and VERY good) with garlic mashed potatoes and veggies for my dinner, Lin had Portabello Chicken. For dessert, they served an amazing strawberry cheesecake or... get this... a chocolate porcupine, which was a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse center, covered in dark chocolate with almonds for quills and white chocolate medallions for eyes. It actually looked like a porcupine. Reminded me of Steel Magnolias and the "Armadilla Grooms Cake". Someone gave one to Lin and she proceeded to kill it with a fork. It was quite hilarious.

I enjoyed myself, talking with her supervisor Tonya (who, incidentally, wants to "try a woman"... I volunteered, but I don't think Lin approved of that), another manager Jon (who wants Lin to mother his baby and then go away), Jason (who is cute, a little punky and drinks like a fish) and others who I don't quite remember their names, as the Merlot and Chardonnay were *quite* good. Lin indulged in the complimentary beer and I ended up driving her home and putting her to bed... OH, THE HARDSHIP! *wink* The Owners gave us a beautiful box of See's Chocolates, which I put on my desk at work and which I am the hero for now... for getting it OUT of Lin's house at direct orders of her mother!

Speaking of her mother, before we left for the party, I felt like I was going to prom. Her mother took pictures of us standing in front of the Christmas Tree, since the both of us were dressed up and looking great. I told Lin I wanted a copy as proof I made it to Christmas, which is a running family joke. Then, when we arrived at the party, they took our picture there. Wow, now EVERYONE has proof!


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