Thursday, January 16, 2003

It Was Brought to My Attention...

That an anonymous visitor to JJ's blog wrote a comment that was rude and ignorant beyond all reasoning.

To this person (and I have a sneaking feeling as the day wears on who it might be...):

I understand if you feel as if you have some ownership invested in this circle of friends, or by some great and magical gift, you know what the hell is going on in my life. Don't mistake my kindness for a willingness for you to put on armour and become my knight. I have one, and she stands beside me, quietly, and patiently, asking IF I need her. While her feelings have been sandwiched in this debate she has been RESPECTFUL of me and of JJ and has stepped out of it. She allowed what needed to happen in order for the air to be cleared and some sanity to be raised.

Your opinion of something YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT is clearly, and unanimously, NOT NEEDED. If you feel as if you still have ownership over anything, GET OVER IT. JJ and I are big girls and can handle each other in a raucious debate with ease, and maybe a little frustration, but it is OURS and those we choose to involve.

You were not one of them.

Next time you want to be a catty bitch, do it to JJ's or my face, in the light of day, in front of everyone, so we can all see what an ass you truly are.

ADDENDUM: If you did not post the comment, I do sincerely apologize. Most recent knowledge has confirmed a different name/ initials. I am the FIRST to admit if I have been wrong. But I stand by what I said... you can tell because I wrote my name to it.


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