Tuesday, February 04, 2003

As Promised...

OK, LORENE, TONI, STEPH and SHANE... here you go...

The last couple of weeks at work has just been crazy and I now realize that the Universe is testing my capacity for patience. It seems the Cranky Greek Man has been having fits of forgetfullness, which send me into complete craziness since whatever he forgets to do suddenly becomes my problem. He tends to "remember" things that need to be done 5-10 minutes before the end of the day, then we have to rush to get whatever-the-hell-is-so-fucking-important out of the way so we can leave. It's usually fine, but it's irritating on a Friday, payday, and something that I gave him nearly 4 days previously to accomplish. The good news is that Kirb and I have been getting along great as we now have a common goal to leave each day without killing him. Prison-time is a huge motivator.

I had a great time on Saturday, partying at the Moon. Great for me, since Lin had Sunday off and I planned and executed the most wonderful romantic get-away... sorta like an early Valentines Day present. I checked us into a room at the Days Inn right down the street from the club, made a trip to Dr. John's for a beautiful negligee and other romantic supplies, set up the room and picked her up to go to the club.

We had an amazingly drama-free night at the Moon, which can be rare. It was Deanna's birthday, so we lavished her with gifts and attention. Deanna's girl Aleshia smelled sooo good, I kept grabbing her just to smell her (she told me the cologne was Acqua diGio from Armani... nummy... Lindi loved it, too) I would have the say the highlight of the evening was dancing with Lindi behind me and our friend Joyce in front of me. Not really paying attention, as Joyce is always a little flirty, she reaches up and unbuttons my blouse. Again, nothing really uncommon at the Moon. Except this time, she unbuttoned my blouse to my navel, then proceeded to lick my chest from cleavage to neck. In one fell swoop, I lost my knee (can't tell you exactly where it went) and I fell right into Lindi's arms. I got a couple of propositions and a "Well, if Lindi doesn't want to go home with you tonight, I will!" Quite eventful!

The room was great, with a HUGE jacuzzi bath with a shower that actually sprayed into the tub. I can't say it was the "perfect" room, but we really didn't care, and she was surprised when I handed her a room key, and speechless when she saw my choice of negligee (Black with gold trim, it really is beautiful). I owe a big thanks to the manager, Tana, who gave us a late checkout, gave me a discount and was just about the sweetest thing ever. We managed to get out of there at 12:30, went shopping at Nordstroms for Acqua diGio (had to get some for Lindi) and a little present for Sarah (She was the top student in her Catechism Class). We then had lunch at San Fran Sourdough Pizza before taking in "Sweet Home Alabama" with Sarah and Lin's Mom. All in all a very romantic weekend and very rejuvenating.

Finally hooked up with my favorite Greek Goddess, hopefully we can arrange our schedules so that we can get together soon. Sometimes the best relationships are the ones where there is mutual respect and forgiveness of each other's lives. It's great to have someone like her around, who has seen you in every situation since, literally, birth, and loves you no matter what.

Tomorrow night we are going to the Jazz game and I am very excited. Since they took the Starzz away from us, we'll have to settle for the boys, I guess. The owners of Lin's McD's gave her lower bowl tickets for no reason, I think they are 7th row from the floor. It will be nice to take something like that in without binoculars!

BIG LOVE out to D, who is going through some personal soul searching and life changes. Remember, honey, never settle, you are better than that. You have a whole life to live, and not to be a servant to anyone... except me, of course ! :) Love ya, babe.


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