Thursday, April 17, 2003

Can We Just Do Yesterday Over?

The day started alright, driving to work, grabbing my Diet Coke and English Muffin, and then it just seemed to go downhill from there. Cranky Greek Man was in an atrocious mood, so much so, he actually swore at me repeatedly, and it took a phone call to Lindi at lunch to keep me employed and not in prison Orange for ripping his ever-loving vocal chords through his windpipe.

BIG Thanks to Jenn, who not only took me to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, but made the evening enjoyable with a couple of laughs, some serious venting and SHOPPING!

I then visited Lindi at home for my Easter present (A Marilyn Monroe movie, whut whoo!!) and watching Basic Instinct, directors uncut unrated version, then headed home to find only THE MOST ADORABLE PRESENT FROM SHANE AND CHET!!! Thank you SOOOO Much!! We will listen and enjoy it immensely!! You beat me this year, Shane… yours is coming NEXT week for Greek Easter… and y’all know what that means… kouloudia – Greek Easter Cookies! Look for a little Greek Bunny hopping to your place next Thursday and Friday!

And by the way, I am over being used and being a convenience item. For the next few weeks, it’s ALL ABOUT ME… if you don’t like it, fuck off.


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